February 3, 2016


Hey guys! It has been awhile since I have last posted a video so I have decided that this year I am going to be more active on myYoutube channel!
So far I have filmed and uploaded two new videos which I'm going to link below:

First up would be my January Favorites video! I have featured some of the products which have really helped my skin with my breakouts. It could be the time of the month which made me breakout like crazy so I had to religiously treat and take care of my skin before it got any worse. Thank god it is so much better now and I hope some of these items that help me can help you too :) 

My second video just got up yesterday and it is a Lunar New Year/Valentine's Day make u tutorial!
I think it is the first every makeup tutorial I ever did so I hope that you guys enjoyed it~

This look is very wearable and is super easy to build up if you want a stronger and bolder make up look! I am definitely going to be wearing this look throughout Chinese New year! :)

For more information on the products do check them out on the video page itself, listed them all out there so that it's easier to refer to. Also, if you liked my videos kindly like and subscribe, 
I will definitely be more active on Youtube so do pop by and check out whenever you can!
Alternatively you can find me on IG (@ponyyzz) as well as my Snapchat (@princessponyyzz)
Will be uploading some travel visuals in the next post so I will see you again soon X

January 7, 2016


Hello hello! 
I can't believe that 2016 is already here, it is amazing how time flies. My very first post for 2016 will be dedicated to DazzlemeLens, was supposed to have this post up earlier but I was pretty slow so do forgive me~ 
DazzlemeLens has been my main sponsor for my contact lenses as well as my opticals, basically they help me to see everyday (hahaha) I started out as a paying customer when I used to frequent Bangkok and soon after we collaborated and have been working together since. Last year they did a major facelift and renovation to their shop in Platinum and I was invited to be part of their opening. I cannot be more thankful and honoured to be part of it and see how they have grown from a tiny store to what it is today! For those who have visited their shop previously you would have known how small it was right? 
Now you can finally get your specs done at DazzlemeLens too! Previously I had to travel to the other store in Samyan which can be quite hard to find especially if you are unfamiliar with the roads in Bangkok so with this new service available in Platinum, it makes it much easier for everyone :) 
There are a wide range of frames available for you to choose from, some of the popular ones are from Korea and they are of excellent quality (I own 2 pairs myself so I can vouch for that hehe)
There's also a selection of Sunglasses such as Ray Bans worth checking out as well :)
And of course not forgetting lenses!!! I love the new counter where I can shop from, there's also a tablet there where you can browse through and see how the lenses look worn by customers which is good if you are unsure how the lenses will look on your eyes. I managed to pick out a ton of new lenses which I will be featuring over the course of the next few months so do keep a look out for that.
With that said, don't forget to pay their new shop a visit whenever you are in Bangkok! If not you can always make your order online/via Line and have them shipped over within a few days :)
Thank you so much for everything P'Pan and P'Pomme as well as the lovely staff of DazzlemeLens :)
Find them at:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400
For previous posts and reviews on DazzlemeLens, find them HERE

Thank You for reading! 

December 15, 2015


December started off with a bang as the Influence Asia Awards took place!
I had such an amazing time catching up with influencers whom I haven't seen in ages and meeting new ones from Singapore as well as overseas. So much happened over a span of 2 days for me and it was hard to keep up! I just want to thank the amazing team from YDM as well as Gushcloud for the hard work and planning for this, I know how some have worked to the bone just to watch this event come together so I'm so glad and proud of you :) 

I am also very thankful to be nominated as a finalist under the Beauty Category. Honestly I felt like I could have done so much better to even be considered a nominee.. and it made me realise that I shouldn't take life and opportunities for granted and work even harder from now on and next year. Nevertheless I'm thankful of all that has happened as well as everyone who have been with me ever since I stared blogging since my livejournal days (close to 10 years now) hahaha, if you're one of the them, THANK YOU! 

So.. let me just fast forward to snippets from the event :)
A day before the event we had a networking and briefing session at Gushcloud's new office where I got to meet Yebin! I have been secretly a fan of hers on IG for quite awhile now and to see her in real life I couldn't be happier!!! She is sooooooo cute, pictures doesn't justify how cute she is in reality!
I hope that this wouldn't be my last time seeing her, it will be nice to be able to meet her again :))))

The actual day itself went by so quickly like a blur, we had to get up early to prepare.. as early as 6-7am for hair and make-up! Really grateful for the team from Salon Vim who got up early to come and help us with our hair! My up-do was pretty complicated as it involved lots of braiding but it came together really well and overall I think it looked great!
Thank You so much Salon Vim! 

It was my very first time gracing the red carpet so I was actually really nervous! Thank god I got to walk with Tricia so we agreed to help each other in case our dresses got in the way (haha) For the event, I got my dress from Stylelease. Super amazing and gorgeous embroidery details on the dress that I was so scared I would ruin if I wasn't careful enough. 
 Would definitely recommend checking them out especially if you need a nice evening/formal dress for an event! Doesn't make sense to splurge on an expensive dress just to wear it once, you can loan one from Stylelease fast and hassle free :) 

Not forgetting Atlas Medispa for ensuring my skin is always glowing and ready for the camera! 
I did the Vitamin C Hydrolightening Therapy which helps to lighten and brighten the skin, the results from the treatment is almost instant and can last up to weeks with proper care :) 
 And of course with every treatment it is accompanied with my monthly laser sessions to lighten any scars from previous pimple spots as well as to rejuvenate the skin :) You can read more on their previous treatments here
Thank You Atlas Medispa and Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics clinic!

 Another highlight from the event was meeting J Park backstage heheheheh, Selfie with Jpark!!!

After the event we were invited to a private event/concert where we got to see TTS perform live!!!!!!!
 Starstrucked and in awe... they are just TOO PRETTTTTTTTTY OMG. They look exactly like how they do in pictures and videos, no editing or photoshop. #perfect 
Overall I had a wonderful time and I'm honoured to be able to be part of the first ever Influence Asia Awards show. A big congratulations to all the winners as well as nominees! It was nice knowing everyone and I will be looking forward to the next show in time to come :) 

December 1, 2015


Experimented with a bold lip today, not sure if I love it or hate it.. I am more of a gradient lips + hot pink lippie person so this combination is relatively new for me. OH OH, and yes meet my new fringe!!! Decided to give my fringe a trim as it has been ages since I had it short and my hairdresser suggested that it would be good to give my parting a rest sooooooo here's it is! 
So just in case you guys were curious here are the items I used to achieve this look:
| Eyes |
Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo
Urban Decay Naked Palette II, Shade: Chopper, Suspect, Snakebite
Maybelline Hypersharp Liner
Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara
| Face |
Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation
Skin Food All Over Muffin Cake for Highlight and Contouring
Maybelline Clear Glow All in One Powder
| Lips |
Maybelline Lip Gradation Pen, Shade: Red 2
And yup there you have it! It's actually a very simple and versatile make-up look that can be achieved within 10-15minutes. If you don't have the exact same make up items (as above) you can always make do with whatever you have hehe. It's been awhile since I have tried out a new make-up look so if I happen to discover more and have tried them on myself I will definitely share it ~

November 13, 2015


After going through the hundreds of pictures I managed to snap at the Warner Bros Studio London, I managed to pick a handful to feature for this post. I figured I didn't want to post EVERYTHING as it might just kill the entire tour experience for those who have yet to visit the place. 
However, do note that this is post is a small *SPOILER* as in contains pictures from within the studio so do not proceed if you want to witness everything first hand if you are heading there :) 

It took about 2.5hours drive from Eastbourne to the Warner Bros Studio London, couldn't contain my excitement throughout the entire car ride because I can finally visit the place WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENED!!! In my life's bucket list I have made it a point to visit every Harry Potter attraction in the world so with this one down... I can't wait to complete the rest of the list hahaha.

 From the moment we arrived, I couldn't stop smiling :D
We got our tickets online about a month or so before we flew to London, I think they do sell tickets at the door but very often it might get sold out so it's advisable to purchase your tickets in advance! 
 The tours are scheduled at different timings so we arrived slightly earlier and spent a long time checking out the gift shop. It is literally the gift shop for every die hard potter fan because I wanted everything there. EVERYTHING! 
 Before the tour began we were given a digital guide which contains in depth videos and information with regards to the making of the movies, productions, behind the scenes etc.. The guide is extremely informative and it is recommended for use to explore every point in the tour.

The entrance to the Studio Tour started with the doors to the great hall... standing there you can only imagine how I felt, 
 Within the tour you get to see the movie sets, props as well as costumes, make-up as well and so much more! Everything here was used for the making of the movie and preserved so fans can see them here! It was truly a remarkable experience :)

Hogwarts Professors' costumes
 Costumes from the Yule Ball
 Costumes from the Triwizard Tournament
 Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory
Did you know that this set was constructed for the first movie where the actors were still young and if you noticed in the later movies, the boys had to curl up their hands and feet as they grew too big for the original beds!

Door to the Headmaster's office, The Griffin Stairwell

There's an area where all the props are put together. In total the props for the movies took up 5 giant warehouses with thousands of props most of which are handmade specifically for the movie!
 Potions Classroom

 Chamber of Secrets Door
 Hagrid's Hut
 Hogwarts Stairs
 Quidditch Uniforms
 The Burrow 
 Borgins and Burke
I absolutely love this set as there was so much to look at and every time you go back to it you discover something new!

Malfoy Manor

Umbridge's Ministry of Magic Office
 Magic is Might
The motto of the MOM when it was under the control of Lord Voldermort
 Harry Potter's acceptance letter
I didn't really enjoy this.. it tasted like unsweetened root beer with cream on top. Too weird for my liking! I'm not sure if the Butterbeer served in the Harry Potter theme park in Osaka and Orlando tastes the same tho?  

Chess Pieces from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
 Hogwarts Bridge
Only this part of the bridge was built, the rest in the movie was digitally created with computer effects!

Creature Effects
 Diagon Alley
 And finally the Hogwarts Castle 
 I remember just standing there and admiring the model.. this model was made over a span of about 30 days involving 86 artists and crewmembers. 

 Most of the scenes in the movie on the castle were filmed with this model and then digitally enhanced and edited to make it look real. 
I couldn't take my eyes of this... I just kept staring at it as it was so surreal. There was just so much to see, the details which were hand sculpted and so intricate! 
It was definitely worth going to especially if you're a fan because there is so much more to just the books and the movies but all the magic behind the scenes that made it so real.... oh dear, I'm heading back for sure. Of course there's more to the tour that just the pictures above, the studio is really interactive and fun, I didn't want to ruin the experience for everyone but posting everything here so I guess you've got to visit the studio to discover it for yourself :) 

For more information and purchase of tickets you can check out https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/

Thank You for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post X