November 13, 2015


After going through the hundreds of pictures I managed to snap at the Warner Bros Studio London, I managed to pick a handful to feature for this post. I figured I didn't want to post EVERYTHING as it might just kill the entire tour experience for those who have yet to visit the place. 
However, do note that this is post is a small *SPOILER* as in contains pictures from within the studio so do not proceed if you want to witness everything first hand if you are heading there :) 

It took about 2.5hours drive from Eastbourne to the Warner Bros Studio London, couldn't contain my excitement throughout the entire car ride because I can finally visit the place WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENED!!! In my life's bucket list I have made it a point to visit every Harry Potter attraction in the world so with this one down... I can't wait to complete the rest of the list hahaha.

 From the moment we arrived, I couldn't stop smiling :D
We got our tickets online about a month or so before we flew to London, I think they do sell tickets at the door but very often it might get sold out so it's advisable to purchase your tickets in advance! 
 The tours are scheduled at different timings so we arrived slightly earlier and spent a long time checking out the gift shop. It is literally the gift shop for every die hard potter fan because I wanted everything there. EVERYTHING! 
 Before the tour began we were given a digital guide which contains in depth videos and information with regards to the making of the movies, productions, behind the scenes etc.. The guide is extremely informative and it is recommended for use to explore every point in the tour.

The entrance to the Studio Tour started with the doors to the great hall... standing there you can only imagine how I felt, 
 Within the tour you get to see the movie sets, props as well as costumes, make-up as well and so much more! Everything here was used for the making of the movie and preserved so fans can see them here! It was truly a remarkable experience :)

Hogwarts Professors' costumes
 Costumes from the Yule Ball
 Costumes from the Triwizard Tournament
 Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory
Did you know that this set was constructed for the first movie where the actors were still young and if you noticed in the later movies, the boys had to curl up their hands and feet as they grew too big for the original beds!

Door to the Headmaster's office, The Griffin Stairwell

There's an area where all the props are put together. In total the props for the movies took up 5 giant warehouses with thousands of props most of which are handmade specifically for the movie!
 Potions Classroom

 Chamber of Secrets Door
 Hagrid's Hut
 Hogwarts Stairs
 Quidditch Uniforms
 The Burrow 
 Borgins and Burke
I absolutely love this set as there was so much to look at and every time you go back to it you discover something new!

Malfoy Manor

Umbridge's Ministry of Magic Office
 Magic is Might
The motto of the MOM when it was under the control of Lord Voldermort
 Harry Potter's acceptance letter
I didn't really enjoy this.. it tasted like unsweetened root beer with cream on top. Too weird for my liking! I'm not sure if the Butterbeer served in the Harry Potter theme park in Osaka and Orlando tastes the same tho?  

Chess Pieces from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
 Hogwarts Bridge
Only this part of the bridge was built, the rest in the movie was digitally created with computer effects!

Creature Effects
 Diagon Alley
 And finally the Hogwarts Castle 
 I remember just standing there and admiring the model.. this model was made over a span of about 30 days involving 86 artists and crewmembers. 

 Most of the scenes in the movie on the castle were filmed with this model and then digitally enhanced and edited to make it look real. 
I couldn't take my eyes of this... I just kept staring at it as it was so surreal. There was just so much to see, the details which were hand sculpted and so intricate! 
It was definitely worth going to especially if you're a fan because there is so much more to just the books and the movies but all the magic behind the scenes that made it so real.... oh dear, I'm heading back for sure. Of course there's more to the tour that just the pictures above, the studio is really interactive and fun, I didn't want to ruin the experience for everyone but posting everything here so I guess you've got to visit the studio to discover it for yourself :) 

For more information and purchase of tickets you can check out

Thank You for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post X

October 25, 2015


Since lately we're on the topic of Acne on my blog, I thought I'd share the latest treatment launched at Atlas Medispa,
the Cell Renewal Treatment.
This treatment is suitable for most skin types and especially if you have oily/ acne prone skin, active breakouts, this treatment would be recommended for your skin :)
I don't suffer from acne but occasionally I get zits on my face during the time of the month and although it's only 1-2 pimples they can get quite big and red so it was timely that I got to try out this treatment and see how it worked for me! 
The CRT treatment uses active ingredients derived from plant extracts which is really beneficial for the skin. These ingredients helps to soothe skin inflammation and expedite wound healing which is good if you have any redness as well as pimples on the skin. It then stimulates collagen and rejuvenates the skin which makes it easier for your skin to heal as well as increase the smoothness of the skin!
These pictures were taken after treatment and I had minimal make up on my skin (if you look close enough you can see past pimple marks/spots on my cheeks) and I must say that so far I really enjoyed the treatment, my skin felt really fresh and rejuvenated! Not to mention more lively looking as well!
If there's one thing about my skin that I hate that would be dull skin so walking out of the treatment with glowing skin made me a happy girl!

The Cell Renewal Treatment is now available at Atlas MediSpa. 
For more informtion on the treatments and services at Atlas Medical, feel free to call their friendly concierge at 65560829. Also don't forget to make an appointment before heading down! 
391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #24-08/10

Singapore 238874
Tel. : (65) 6556 0829
Fax : (65) 6734 9685

Opening Hours
Mon - Tues: 10:00am to 6.30pm

Wed: 10:00am to 8pm
Thurs - Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm
Sat: 10:00am to 1.30pm 
Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

October 23, 2015


After what seemed like years I finally went ice skating again! 
Planned a day out to ice skate at Kallang to celebrate dear G's birthday~
 I remembered how I aspired to be a professional figure skater years back (hahahaha) I was really obsessed with that thought. Ice Princess was my favourite movie and I could watch it a few times in a week. Then I would get dreams of myself skating and all..... it was so surreal. Sometimes I regret the fact that I didn't pick it up as a hobby/sport and that now is too late, I think I'm too old to pursue it? 
I hope you enjoyed your special day sis! I know it cannot be compared to your birthday last year but nevertheless I hoped you enjoyed the time spent with your loved ones and us hehe.
Thank You for being so amazing for the past few months, although it has only been months I feel like I have known you for years hehe. Love ni and may you be happy always :) 

October 22, 2015


Acne and pimples, are one of the worst things that can happen to anyone while growing up. I myself have gone through several phases where my acne have broken out so badly that I have entirely lost the courage to step out of the house. For those of you who are going through acne, do read on!
I just might have the solution for you!
Years back while I was finding ways to treat my acne, I came across Proactiv®. Upon researching, I have learnt that Proactiv® is one of the more renowned brands associated with treating acne and has proven to help many around the world who were battling acne. For those who have heard or used Proactiv® you probably would have come across their 3-Step Anti Acne Treatment which is one of their main and best-selling products from the brand.

Recently launched in Singapore, the new and improved Proactiv+ has finally arrived! The Proactiv+ range is said to penetrate 2x better directly into the pores making it the fastest, gentlest, most effective Proactiv® The Proactiv+ range has also been enhanced to not only treat acne but also targets other skin issues such as large pores, dry skin, uneven texture and tone, visible dark marks and loss of radiance.

For those who do not know the difference between the improved Proactiv+ and Proactiv, this table helps differentiate between both of the products.
As you can see, the additional advantages that the improved Proactiv+ provides a wider range of solutions for the skin.

"You do not have acne, why are you introducing us this product?"
This is probably a question that might have popped into your head while reading this post so.. Yes I do not have acne but for this posting I have decided to test the Proactiv+ on a family member who has been suffering from acne for the past few years and despite experimenting with various products as well as going for facials etc, the acne won't seem to go away. Hence I have decided to let him have a go with the Proactiv+ range and see how the products have worked for him!

I was given a 30 day kit which comprises of 3 different products all to be used step by step, twice a day.
Step 1: Cleanse | Proactiv+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator
Smooth away excess oil, dirt and other impurities
This is the first step to eliminate acne, the Proactiv+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator helps to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin to remove excess oil, dirt as well as impurities on the skin. This product also contains benzoyl peroxide to aid with killing acne-causing bacteria! There are tiny beads in this facial wash and they are super fine yet effective in cleansing your skin. You can feel that your skin is instantly smoother after one wash!

Step 2: Treat | Proactiv+ Pore Targeting Treatment
Kills acne bacteria deep in the pore
Next step involves disrupting the acne cycle with the Proactiv+ Pore Targeting Treatment which further targets and kills acne-causing bacteria! This product is being delivered deeper into the pore to target the spots where acne starts. This allows the product to fight the acne at a deeper level and at the same time minimize dryness and irritation on the surface of the skin.

Step 3: Repair | Proactiv+ Complexion Perfecting Hydrator
Soothe irritation, brighten tone and visibly reduce post-acne marks without clogging pores

Third comes, repairing the skin! With the Proactiv+ Complexion Perfecting Hydrator this product helps soothe, moisturize and restore the skin's radiance. It is never good to have dry skin as it can further irritate your acne resulting in more breakouts so it is always good to keep your skin hydrated. I absolutely love the texture of this product as it feels very thick and full of moisture yet when applied is readily absorbed and does not leave any sticky/oily residue! Absolutely love this!

Inside 30-day kit, you will find a FREE Proactiv+ Skin Purifying Mask worth $20.

Aside from the 30 day kit, I was also given the Emergency Blemish Relief which I could use for my skin! Being a girl, I tend to get 1-2 zits especially when I'm near the time of the month and this is when these 2 products came in handy for me.
Being a fan of clay masks, I was beyond ecstatic to be able to try this out! The Proactiv+ Skin Purifying mask contains maximum-strength (6%) sulfur acne medicine to clear pores, heal blemishes and help prevent breakouts. On days when I feel like my skin isn't looking it's best or feeling congested from wearing too much make-up within the week, I will treat my skin to a 10-minute session with this product to cleanse my pores resulting in smoother and brighter skin!
As for the angry and red zits which occasionally pops out on my face, this is where the Proactiv+ Emergency Blemish Relief comes in. This product applies on clear and kills acne-causing bacteria on contact, at the same time it hydrates, soothes and calm the skin! When I felt a small bump/impending pimple, I immediately started treating it with this product and the time it took for my pimple to recover was way faster than usual! It barely developed into a huge pimple like it usually does and that was such a relief for me! 

Lastly, if you are a victim of body acne... this will be the ideal product for you! It's like using Proactiv+ system on your body!
This product contains salicylic acid which is one of the key ingredients to combat acne as well as to clear and prevent further breakouts on your body and at the same time is gentle enough to soothe your skin :) It comes in a huge tube so a little goes a long way! Anyone can use this, even guys! So if your boyfriend/brother/relatives is suffering from this issue do recommend this to them!!!

So as mentioned above, I got my cousin to try out the Proactiv+ range for a few weeks now as he has been breaking out and his acne won't seem to go away even after trying out many different products. Hence I found that he was a suitable candidate to try out these products so I got him to try them and took pictures of it for you all to see how the products have been working for him :)
This is before starting on the Proactiv+ range. As you can see there are breakouts which are concentrated on the cheeks, forehead as well as along the sides of his face!

After completing the 30 Day treatment range...
After using the Proactiv+ Acne Treatment range, he has mentioned that the texture of his skin has improved with clarity and became less dry especially with the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator as it prevents his skin from getting too dry which would result in more clogged pores. Of course there are still scars from the previous outbreaks but as you can see, the post-acne dark marks have been diminished and the skin is relieved from the irritation
Definitely an improvement from before! With prolonged usage I'm hoping that his acne can be reduced and hopefully gone for good :) 
All in all, I hope this post have help enlighten you guys on the new Proactiv+ Acne Treatment and for those who are suffering from Acne you can always give this new product a try! The products are already now out in stores so feel free to pop by and check it out for yourself :)

If you would like to find out more on the products or about Proactiv® Singapore,
do check out their Facebook page: and