June 29, 2015


So I realized I probably haven't touched on the topic of nails, or mentioned it for awhile other than my IG and Facebook so I thought today I might do a post on nails! For the longest time I am super thankful to be able to have my nails sponsored by various nail salons and they have all been really good and well to me and in taking care of my nails. For almost a little more than a year or so now I have been with The Nail Artelier and they have done the chio-est nail art and designs and they are all so detailed and skilfully painted on! I have a hashtag on instagram which compiles more of the designs that they have done for me so far under #ponyxthenaliartelier
For the month of June I decided to work around the color Pink! I have very selective colors when it comes to doing my nails... I tend to go back and forth with pink, blue, purple and especially black haha. Came across a marble effect design online and decided that I wanted that for my nails! 
And tadah!!! Here's the end result! Super in love with the results and I can vouch that pictures does the real thing no justice! The marbling effect is done is layers hence it looks really 3D in real life! A huge thank you to Jac who always helps me paint in detail that sometimes I felt bad for choosing that design cos I didn't know it will be that much work! 
If you have a certain nail art design that you would like to have done on your nails I would highly recommend paying a visit to The Nail Artelier! You can check out their IG: @thenailartelier for all the intricate designs that they have done for many customers till date!  

Don't forget to call before you book an appointment as they can get really busy! 
666 North Bridge Rd (62988028)
16 Jalan Masjid, Kembangan Suites, #01-06 (66362886) 
So while we are on the topic of nail art.. Have you ever had problems finding designs or thinking of what to do? Trust me I get that ALOT!!! Here's a tip or two on how I find inspirations or references on which designs I decide to get done each month! 
I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for Japanese nail art! The first place I would browse will be Instagram! I have followed a few Japanese nail parlours and I would click on this particular hashtag that most of them would include in the posts and hat hashtag would looks something like this...
I'm guessing that means "nail art" (correct me if I'm wrong) because then it will bring me to a page filled with neverending pictures of various nail arts where I'm SURE you will find something!!!
The second place I will stalk nail art designs will be via this app "Girl's Pic" which is recommended to me by Ying from TNA and you can find tons of designs here also! Since the app is mostly in Jap, I have screenshot the steps to bring you to the Nail Art page! 
So with 2 simple clicks you can finding yourself browsing nail art heaven!!!! Hehe
And yes there you have it! I hope it helps in a way or another, especially if you are always clueless about what designs to do when you have you nails done! Fret not! I hope you find your next design really quickly the next time now that you'll know where to look! 

Thank you for reading! X

June 15, 2015


So as most of you would have known by now, my skin / aesthetics are being taken care of by the Atlas Medical Group and so far I have to say that I'm really thankful for their help in looking after my skin concerns! Recently they have launched 2 new facials after receiving intensive training from Korea and bringing back this these treatments to offer at the clinic! 

First up would be the Korean Vita Glow facial! It was one of the most pampering facial sessions I have experienced and I totally enjoyed it!
During the facial, I have had medical grade vitamins infused into my skin as well as a mask and a good facial/neck and shoulder massage all within one session! My skin can be seen glowing after and even for a few days after the treatment!
The above is taken right after treatment with 0 make-up on!
I honestly cannot emphasise how much I love and my facial sessions with Atlas as my skin is always brighter, clearer and radiant with each session. I would definitely recommend visiting the clinic to try it out yourself :) 

Atlas Medispa have also launched a second new facial treatment called the: Korean Triple Translucent Skin
I have yet to try this out since it's has just been released but I probably will the next time I visit them :)

For more informtion on the treatments and services at Atlas Medical, feel free to call their friendly concierge at 65560829. Also don't forget to make an appointment before heading down! 
391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #24-08/10

Singapore 238874
Tel. : (65) 6556 0829
Fax : (65) 6734 9685

Opening Hours
Mon - Tues: 10:00am to 6.30pm

Wed: 10:00am to 8pm
Thurs - Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm
Sat: 10:00am to 1.30pm 
Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

June 13, 2015


Hahahahhahahaahha MA TURNNNNNNN!!!
Posted by Donna Goh on Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 9, 2015


Okay so I am finally back with a new post featuring my favourite lenses from the past month! And for this post I will be featuring 2 different models which I've been enjoying so far :)
This brown pair is very much over-worn by me last month as my 'daily' lenses! Compared to the other brown lenses I have worn this is by far one of the most natural pair I have came across. It isn't as light or obvious and if you're someone who loves a subtle and natural brown this model will be perfect for you! The name of this model is Puffy Brown :) 
 As you in see in the close up (above) are 3 tones of brown which makes up this lovely color! 

Next up is a grey pair - Mini Rose Grey from the Dream Color series.
This grey is also something different from some of the grey lenses I have tried in the past, it's more of a darker grey and if you aren't under bright light can look a little like black. Yet again this is another pair which looks extremely natural when worn and might look most obvious only if under light or in pictures taken with a flash! One thing great about this pair is that you can wear this with little or no eye make up at all without making your eyes weird? I feel that some grey lenses (light grey especially) complements eye make up if not the eyes will look very.... empty and "pale" ? If you get my drift >.<
And there you have it! My recommended lenses from the month of May :) I hope these recommendations helped if you are someone who likes wearing coloured contacts yet would prefer something more natural and not too obvious! For more reviews on some of the lenses I have tried feel free to check back on my previous posts on the lenses I have tried so far! 

As always,  a big thank you to Dazzle Me Lens for providing me with my monthly lenses and letting me try and review all these pretty lenses! Do check out their Facebook and Instagram for their wide range of lens designs :) 

The more you buy, the cheaper it is :)
1 Pair = $9.20 per pair (230baht)
2 Pairs = $8.00 per pair (200 baht)
3 Pairs = $7.20 per pair (180 baht)
5 Pairs = $6.80 per pair (170 baht)
10 Pairs = $6.40 per pair (160 baht)

*an exclusive offer for my readers*
Quote "ponypony" in your order and state that you're reader to receive
a free set of contact lens case along with your order! 

- Facebook page (Dazzle Me Contact Lens)
- Email, (dazzlemelens@gmail.com )
or - LINE (LINE ID: pan0802, nawisa)
If you don't have line, just drop them a facebook message or email to order! 
If you or you have friends coming to Thailand, you can place an order with DazzleMeLens first and collect + pay it at the store respectively.

Visit their store in Platinum Mall:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

May 6, 2015


Hello all, so I'm back today with an update that starting this year I have decided to join Atlas Medical Clinic by Dr SM Yuen :) 
And to make it clear there wasn't an issue with the clinic I was with previously, I just wanted to try out something different for a change this year and Atlas Medical Clinic was my choice for 2015! 

So far my skincare journey with them has been a breeze, I haven't had any issues with my skin and to maintain my skin I have laser sessions every 2 weeks as well as a facial once a month! 

Just a little background on Atlas Medical Clinic, Dr Yuen's practice revolves around the use of non-
invasive to minimally invasive synergistic treatments to tackle a variety of problems ranging from 
aesthetic dermatology to cosmetic enhancements. Formally trained and mentored by one of Korea's top aesthetics doctor, his area of expertise would be Korean Medical Aesthetics which are usually safe and really natural! 

For this post, I won't be going into my laser or facials yet as I figured there will be more updates on those in the future so I will start with the recent aesthetic treatment which I have done with them which is.... Nose Fillers! 
So for those of you who have followed my blog would  have known that fillers aren't new to me, I have had them done on my chin and cheeks before but for the nose it's something new!
I don't hate my nose (don't get me wrong) just that I wanted to see how my nose would look like with a higher nose bridge, lol yes...... I'm just being vain! Hence I decided to try nose fillers out! 

So basically what the fillers will do will be to try to straighten out my nose bridge as I have a protruding bone (as seen below) 
Somehow I am in a love/hate relationship with this bone as from the front this bone actually helps make my nose look sharper but from the side I didn't like how it looked... hence I couldn't decide if I wanted to remove it via surgery as I'm afraid I would prefer how my nose looked before hahahaha so thank god for fillers I can try them first and see how it will look like if my nose bridge is straight!
(front view) : nose looks sharp with protruding bone 
*skin is glowing from the facial I did before the fillers ^^ 0 makeup on in these photos!
(side view) : nose looks slightly hooked

The procedure:
So after detailed consultation and numbing on the treatment area, the procedure started! If you are wondering if it's painful.... well..... I wouldn't say painful but pretty uncomfortable? Comparing to my chin and cheeks the nose was really quite.an.experience! 
On a pain level I would rate it 3/10, as for discomfort, 8/10 ( >.< )
Nevertheless in total everything took about 15 minutes and very soon it was over~~~
So after the fillers your nose will be slightly... swollen. This is probably where you feel the fillers are too much and too high, I was skeptical at first, wondering if my bridge could be too high but I was assured that the swelling will come down by another 10-20% once it has settled down! 
And true enough weeks later.... I can say that I am truly in love in my nose fillers ^^
Just some recent photos after the fillers and as you can see my nose looks more defined with minimal contouring! 
For those who are wondering, these fillers are temporary and lasts up at least 6 months, the best part is you can always top up or reduce it up to your preference :) 

Here are the promotions that are currently running in Atlas Medical Clinic! If you have any questions or concerns you can feel free to contact them for a consultation :) 
391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #24-08/10

Singapore 238874
Tel. : (65) 6556 0829
Fax : (65) 6734 9685

Opening Hours
Mon - Tues: 10:00am to 6.30pm

Wed: 10:00am to 8pm
Thurs - Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm
Sat: 10:00am to 1.30pm 
Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

April 28, 2015


Got my hair treated at Salon Vim last week and decided to go a few shades lighter! As you all know I have purple highlights on the sides so this time after dying it an ash brown the color faded to pink which isn't done on purpose but yet I love how the pretty the combination looks!!! :) 

For those who're wondering if my hair gets dry/damaged from all the coloring every month.. honestly it does but I make sure to mask my hair as often as I can as well as go for treatments! My favourite and recommended treatment from Salon Vim would be the Arimino Privy Treatment! It makes me hair super soft and smooth after each time and I cannot be happier with managing my hair after :) 
Big thanks and love to Salon Vim for looking after my hair! X
For those who didn't know, Salon Vim is looking for the Face of Salon Vim 2015!
This time they are targeting university students who wants a total makeover and 2 grand prize winners will stand to walk away with 6-month worth of hair sponsorship + total style makeover session (total up to more than S$6,000) 
Have you been struggling with managing your hair? Or have always wanted a change of style but never had the chance for a change? This could be your chance! 
Contest is open until the 30th April'15 so if you would like to find out more check out Salon Vim's Facebook page as well as Instagram for contest details! 

Start posting today and you could just be the lucky winner! Wishing you all the best of luck!